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Beyond Frames is all about enriching people’s lives with amazing, immersive entertainment experiences outside the confines of two-dimensional screens.

We do this by supporting brilliant game developers that push the boundaries of what innovative games in VR and AR can look like. We strive to be open, curious, experimental, and dare to try new things. 

Our core focus at Beyond Frames lies within these four focus areas:

Making awesome VR/AR games 

Above all, we are passionate game players and game makers. Beyond Frames currently owns, fully or in part, three studios (Cortopia, Moon Mode, and Odd Raven)

The teams come from leading game studios (DICE, PARADOX, KING, STAR STABLE and others) and share a long-time passion for the VR/AR space and understand better than most the particularities and design decisions that make for an excellent immersive gaming experience.

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Our games

Our Studios

Developing Studios

We are actively on the lookout for studios that share our passion for VR/AR. With many years of experience in building and running successful studios in several genres, we can support with funding, experienced management, functional support (HR, admin, finance) as well as publishing and game optimization.

If you are a VR/AR studio ready to take the next step in your growth journey and want to discuss funding, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Our Studios

VR/AR Publishing & Porting

Over the years we have built a lot of experience in bringing VR games to market, and offer this expertise to studios that are in the process of launching their VR/AR titles.

Working with Beyond Frames as a publisher and partner will ensure that you maximize the impact of your games;  you focus on what you are best at – game development – and we ensure that the game reaches the masses to enjoy.  

The games industry has produced an abundancy of magical games for flat screen, some of which could be amazing in AR or VR. We port and publish games for a new generation of players and make sure that the essence of the game is kept.

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Investing in AR & VR

We have a strong belief in the future growth of VR/AR, and that to succeed you really need to understand the dynamics of immersive game design and the business ecosystem. 

We are eager to continue investing in the space. We do this in several ways;

(i) Acquisition – we are seeking to acquire studios that fit our long term strategic vision, that complement our current portfolio, and that have proven that they can develop great games.

(ii) Investment – we are eager to participate in building new VR/AR studios and can support with funding as well as experienced management, support functions and game publishing.

(iii) Project funding – As a component of entering a publishing agreement with Beyond Frames we can offer project funding to help get your games over the finish line. 

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Ricky Helgesson, the founder and former chairman of Beyond Frames, built a working VR game prototype that combined an early Oculus VR headset (DK2) with three iPhones – one phone in each hand as hand controls and one phone attached to the VR headset to track head movements.  All built-in positioning technology in the VR headset was switched off and replaced by the software Ricky’s wrote. This resulted in a gaming experience where the player could move freely in the room and also freely with both controls in the room (also called 6DoF). This gaming experience is similar to what Oculus plans to release in its flagship product Oculus Quest in the spring of 2019.


Ricky Helgesson co-founds the technology company Univrses, a company aiming to build on the position tracking technology for mobile VR in the form of self-developed algorithms (software) that sense how a player moves in the physical environment and create the same movement in the virtual world. To demonstrate the company’s technology breakthrough in full scale, Univrses developed a VR game, which became the embryo of the game Wands.


The company Multivrses AB was founded (which later became Cortopia AB) as a spin-off of all gaming operations from Univrses. Two people are hired for the company and the game development of Wands begins.

In August  2016 Wands was released, becoming one of the world’s first mobile VR games boasting a quality close to the quality previously only seen on PC VR. In December 2016, Wands was released on the Google Daydream platform.


Wands is released on more gaming platforms, including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Chinese Pico.

In March 2017 Wands was awarded ”Best VR Game 2016” from the Mobile Gaming Awards Global (IMGA) in San Francisco. Wands is placed several times as the best-selling VR game in various app stores for VR.

During December 2017, the company made a SEK 21.2 mn funding led by Init Invest AB.  Through this,  a financial foundation was laid for developing the company further by developing more games and building a team.


During the beginning of 2018, great focus was placed on attracting senior industrial competence and several new recruitments will be carried out. The company changed its  strategy, from being a pure gaming studio to striving to become a gaming conglomerate with ownership in several gaming studios within VR and AR. 

In April 2018, the group was created, the parent company renamed Cortopia Group AB, and the new subsidiary Cortopia AB was formed. This change is made with the aim of focusing the parent company on becoming an investor and owner of several independent gaming studios, of which Cortopia would become one.

In April 2018, an agreement was made to acquire 51 percent of the shares in the game studio Zenz VR. The acquisition was completed in October 2018. Zenz VR has developed three games, HordeZ, X-fire VR and Xion. HordeZ is a ”Zombie shooter” and the company’s best-selling game it has been launched both as a single player on Steam and for arcade halls in Asia. Xion is the company’s latest game released in the fall of 2018 it is a game where the player drives a spaceship in VR and has been very well received among players.

On April 30, 2018, a share issue of SEK 12mn by Init Invest AB was carried out in order to be able to accelerate R&D even faster in the rapidly growing VR and AR markets. The market for mobile AR has proven to develop faster than the company previously forecast, driven by Apple and Google. The majority of the issue, approximately 91 percent, was subscribed for by Init Invest and related owners. Approximately four percent was subscribed for by incoming CEO Johan Larsson and the remaining part of the issue was subscribed by Reaktor Ventures.

On May 2, 2018, Facebook-owned Oculus launches the world’s first all-in-one headset for VR for $ 199. The company’s game Wands was then selected as the launch title for Oculus Go in a unique collaboration where the game title logo was placed on the box for the new headset Oculus Go which is sold in 22 countries. Wands was one of twelve apps that Oculus chose to highlight, the others included Facebook and Netflix.

On 1 August 2018, Johan Larsson took over as CEO. Johan was recruited from Nordea, where he has held senior management positions. Johan’s primary task is to be responsible for building a robust company structure and more.


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