Xion Launches Globally on Oculus Rift
oktober 18, 2018
Our presentation at Teknikdagarna 2018
oktober 25, 2018

Investment case in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lund

We’re going to attend Aktiedagen in Stockholm 23/10 2018 where we’ll present Beyond Frames Entertainment.

On the 24/10 we’ll visit Gothenburg to attend Teknikdagen where we’ll also be presenting Beyond Frames Entertainment.

Finally, 25/10 we’re visiting Lund to attend Aktiekvällen. And you guessed right, we’re presenting Beyond Frames Entertainment yet again.

The presentation will be done by Ricky Helgesson, chairman of the board and founder and Johan Larsson, CEO.


Most of the information shared can be found on this website.

More information on Aktiedagen, Teknikdagen and Aktiekvällen.

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