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Beyond Frames is the home of different studios, all passionate about XR in slightly different perspectives. We are constantly looking for new studios to join our family. The Beyond Group is built from the ground up by fantastic people, all curious and with expansive minds.


Cortopia logotype


Cortopia is a VR/AR game studio situated in Stockholm, designing and producing exceptional immersive games.

odd raven logo

Odd Raven Studios

Odd Raven Studios is a game studio situated in Stockholm, working on both PC and VR games.

The moon mode logo

Moon Mode

The Moon Mode team has been in the game since 2013, and are on a mission to prove that VR doesn’t have to be niche, complicated or uncomfortable.

Our Studio Creations

actionWands Alliances

Wands Alliances is a 3v3, team-based multiplayer competitive VR gaming experience where players engage in fast-paced magic duels. Select your class, choose your spells, and take the fight to the streets of Victorian London. Taste sweet victory by completing your team's objectives or eliminating the opposing team. But duck and dodge too slowly, and the only thing you’ll be eating are fireballs. Prepare for wand to wand combat, out for Meta Quest 2 oon June 30, 2022.

Game art
actionSpacefolk City

The Spacefolk are in trouble! Their sun is going supernova, and they need your help to build up their city and find a way to escape the impending solar disaster! Spacefolk City is a funky, casual take on the city building genre. Construct a floating city in space, decorate it with a variety of absurd items, and keep your Spacefolk citizens happy.

Main keyart
actionDown The Rabbit Hole

You are about to enter Wonderland. This VR adventure will take you down the rabbit hole to experience a magical world like it has never been experienced before.

carly and the reaperman game art
actionCarly and the Reaperman

In the depths of the Underworld, Carly and the Reaperman visit the worlds of the spirits that inhabit this place. Master platforming, solve puzzles and build your way to victory.

game art

Wands is a first person VR experience that offers fast paced magic duels against other players online. Equip your wand with a wide variety of spells and battle other Wielders for fame, power and glory in the realms of The Beyond.



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