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Beyond Frames Entertainment, a video game company based in Stockholm, aims to bring together skilled game developers who share a common vision: crafting engaging, high-quality gaming experiences that harness the power of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.

The company's strategy involves uniting independent game studios under a single umbrella, which they plan to achieve through a combination of acquiring game studios with a proven track record of developing and marketing enjoyable games, and fostering organic growth.

Beyond Frames is committed to focusing on game development that fully or partially utilizes VR and AR technologies, as they believe these innovations will drive the creation of new games within the VR and AR market segments.

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Board of Directors

Profilbild Mikael Söderström

Mikael Söderström


Mikael, a co-founder of Beyond Frames, has been a board member since March 2018. He currently manages Init Invest AB, an investment company he co-founded in 2016. With an entrepreneurial background in technology, Mikael's experience spans development projects, business development, analysis, and digital marketing, primarily within the realms of e-commerce and digital products.

Shareholding: 199,640 shares privately. Warrant holdings: 375,000 privately according to Incentive program 2020/2023

Ace St Germain

CEO and Board Member

Ace St. Germain has 17 years of experience in the American gaming and entertainment industry. He has experience leading and developing fast-growing businesses in international environments, such as Twitch (Amazon) and Crunchyroll (Sony), Twitter and Sony PlayStation.

Shareholding: 0

Warrants holdings: 400,000 private according to Incentive program 2022/2025

Erik Åkerfeldt

Board Member

Independent board member. CEO of Unordinal AB, a tech provider for the gaming industry, board member of Znipe.TV, a streaming company in esports. Has previously held assignments as Chairman of the Board of Sveaverken Svea Agri AB

Education: M.Sc. Embedded System, KTH, certified in "Right Focus in Board Work" from Styrelseakademien.

Shareholding: 2500 shares privately

Warrant Holdings: 0

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Ricky Helgesson

Board Member

Ricky is the co-founder of Beyond Frames and a board member since March 2018. Ricky is the former CEO and co-founder of the technology company Univrses, which Beyond Frames originated from (see the section Company history for more information). Ricky has previously been Producer and Lead Developer at the gaming company Dice, which today is owned by the gaming giant Electronic Arts. He has also been a Senior Software Engineer at game engine company Frostbite. Ricky has founded and built five companies.

Shareholding: 938,259 shares via the company Zelk AB. Warrant holdings: 75,000 privately according to Incentive program 2020/2023

Catherine Ehrensvärd

Board Member

Catherine, a longtime shareholder in Beyond Frames, has an entrepreneurial background from a variety of industries such as telco , clean tech, equestrian and beverages. Current Board positions in Sparbanken Syd, Bhoof AB, Sakander AB, Wonderful Times Group, Tosterups Gård.

Education: MBA Stern Business School , NYU, focus on finance and international business.

Shareholding : 762 000 shares privately

Warrant Holdings: 0

Fredrik Burvall

Board Member

Independent board member. Mr. Burvall also currently serves as Chairman of the board of directors at M.O.B.A Network AB (Publ) and Cherry With Friends AB, and as a board member at Movs Technology Group AB and Znipe Esport AB. Mr. Burvall is also the Chief Executive Officer/Owner at The Networked Nation—tNN AB

Education: Mr. Burvall holds an MBA in Economics from Stockholm University and also holds a BA in Economics from Örebro University.

Shareholding: 4000 shares privately

Warrant Holdings: 0


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