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Action adventure self co-op VR title Mixture comes to the Meta Quest store February 23, 2023

Beyond Frames and Played With Fire brings the true action adventure and hack-and-slash title Mixture to the Meta Quest store, wishlist today. 

Stockholm, February 10, 2023 - Beyond Frames Entertainment, an XR dedicated Publisher, and Played With Fire (a Polish indie studio of 15 and creators of “Stargaze”) today announced the release date of Mixture, coming to Meta Quest store February 23, 2023. 

Mixture’s launch trailer is available here: https://bit.ly/3HOtSdM Mixture on Meta Quest Store can be found here: https://ocul.us/40LzoGr

Mixture takes the familiar genre of hack and slash action-adventure gameplay into VR through inventive use of the concept “dual control”, where the player controls two protagonists simultaneously. In the third-person perspective the player guides the Steel Moth Knight “Sola” who strikes a tenuous alliance with the power-hungry master alchemist “Sephairos”, which is represented via the player's hands in a first-person perspective.

Sola’s gameplay is a classical hack-and-slash fighting style which is augmented via Sephairos alchemy skill in mixing potions to assist Sola as they journey through the different zones of the Wasteland in the hope for redemption and freedom.

Mixture will treat adventurers to hours of gameplay in a carefully crafted setting, narrative and landscape created from hand painted textures. Don the Steel Moth armor, get ready to embark on a journey and learn more about Sola and Sephairos relationship by wishlisting today on the Meta Quest Store: https://ocul.us/40LzoGr Mixture will be available February 23, 2023 at $24.99 and features:

  • Mix and Slash fighting - action adventure gameplay in collaboration between the two protagonists

  • Dual character control gameplay - control both the Alchemist Sephairos and the Steel Moth Knight Sola 

  • Explore the Wastelands - journey through dangerous barren lands of living metals, ores and crystals to find means of redemption

  • Fight for the light - Oversized bosses to defeat on your path of redemption

  • Hours of exploration - Four unique biomes and more than 30 levels

An action adventure for standalone VR - Hybrid third person camera exploration and fixed camera movement for hours of comfortable exploration in the Wastelands.

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