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Beyond Frames to publish Castello Inc’s VR action shooter title ‘ARK and ADE’

First announced Jun 3, 2022, Beyond Frames further details the Publishing engagement for Italian studio Castello’s ARK and ADE.

Castello Inc., an Epic MegaGrant recipient, is debuting as an indie studio with their VR retro arcade shooter ARK and ADE

ARK and ADE is an action-jammed FPS shooter in which you get to experience the glory of the 80’s arcade era in a neon fused setting. Shoot your way through retro-futuristic levels filled with enemies, iconic over the top bosses and never ending bullets. Collect secrets and trophies, enjoy destructible environments and cover as you utilize an array of immersive features such as bullet time, shield and dual-wielding weapons.

ARK and ADE is currently available to preview in MetaQuest App Lab and SteamVR early access, and is expected to fully release with a number of updates, additional content and game modes in 2023.

Priced at $9.90, you can preview the experience now:

ARK and ADE on Meta Quest App Lab: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/4609792345698021/

ARK and ADE for SteamVR in Early Access: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1599000/ARKADE/

About Beyond Frames Entertainment

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Beyond Frames is an XR-focused publisher with its development studios Cortopia, Moon Mode and partner studio Odd Raven. Offering creative and technical consulting, funding, marketing and publishing services, Beyond Frames partners with studios creating amazing XR products such as ARK and ADE (Castello Inc.), Silhouette (Team Panoptes) and Mixture (Played With Fire),

Beyond Frames Entertainment AB (publ) is listed on the Swedish Spotlight Stock Market, ISIN: SE0011614965.

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