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3 Years of making games!

It has been three years of an uphill battle but has been well rewarded!

During this time:

➠We launched Wands from Cortopia Studios on Oculus VR Quest. ➠We launched one of the 20 best rated VR games on Oculus, Dowth the Rabbit Hole. ➠ Fredric Gunnarson became the chairman of our company’s board. ➠One of our studios, Odd Raven Studios, launched Carly and the Reaperman on Oculus Quest. ➠We acquired Moon Mode and Odd Raven Studios.

These are a few of the many achievements during these three years of hard work, passion and dedication to bringing the best#experience in VR.

We are so happy to celebrate our 3rd anniversary, and we are looking forward to the following achievements that are yet to come!

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