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VR Extraction Shooter ‘Ghosts of Tabor’ Reports for Duty on Meta Quest Store

Developer Combat Waffle set their sights on PlayStation VR2 and Pico later this year

STOCKHOLM and PORT CHARLOTTE, FL, FEBRUARY 8, 2024  — Following more than $10 million in combined sales on App Lab and Steam Early Access in just 325 days, Beyond Frames Entertainment and Combat Waffle Studios have unleashed the multiplayer survival extraction shooter Ghosts of Tabor [TRAILER] onto the Meta Quest Store after 11 months as one of the best selling titles during its time on App Lab. Featuring hardcore squad-based survival, scavenging, and crafting, the VR-exclusive extraction title developed by Combat Waffle has been acclaimed by players during its App Lab phase for its immersion, realism, and commitment to ongoing content. Ghosts of Tabor is also available in Early Access on Steam VR, and arrives on PlayStation VR2 and Pico later this year.


Founded in 2022 by a U.S. military veteran, Combat Waffle Studios was created by fans of survival extraction shooters who wanted to experience their favorite genre in virtual reality but found no compelling choices available to players. The team had no prior experience in VR development, approaching it purely from a fan standpoint before launching onto App Lab less than a year later. 

“Virtual reality is emerging as a dominant platform for games, but it’s still early days – so there’s plenty that players want to experience that remains untapped,” said Scott Alright, Combat Waffle Studios’ founder and CEO. “We wanted to play an extraction shooter in VR and nobody was making one, so we did it ourselves. Given the half a million players we’ve already reached, it’s become abundantly clear that we weren’t the only ones craving a fully immersion take on survival action.”


  • Simultaneous PvP and PvE - Avoid both players and armed AI as you try to make your way to your extraction point and get out with your life (and your gear!)

  • Scavenging and Crafting - hunt for loot like gear, weapons, ammo and food, or make your own from the things you find

  • Unparalleled Realism - Weapons handle and reload just like the real thing, and feature attachments and ammo customizations that let you personalize your shooter experience

  • Squad Up or Solo Down - Choose your playstyle from guns-a-blazing in a team or take a stealthy approach as the lone-wolf (or anything in between) – it’s up to you to find a way to escape alive

  • Unlimited Replayability - a live environment and extensive content map ensure fresh experiences in Ghosts of Tabor enough for endless tours of duty 


In the coming weeks Ghosts of Tabor will see the addition of ‘Matka Miest Underground’ [TRAILER], the game’s first post-launch content drop featuring an all-new playable area at no additional cost.  

Ghosts of Tabor will arrive on Pico headsets later this Spring, with a PlayStation VR2 release to follow this year. Like today’s Meta Quest and Steam VR releases, these releases will support cross-platform play so that you can squad up with your friends regardless of which immersive platform they bring into battle.

Beyond Frames Entertainment has recently extended their partnership with Combat Waffle and will publish and provide development funding for two additional titles, GRIM and Silent North, with a 2024 / 2025 release window.


The early access release of Ghosts of Tabor has been celebrated by players and critics alike, winning Game of the Year at the 2023 VR Awards and being named a VR category finalist in the latest edition of the Steam Awards. The game has maintained a ‘Very Positive’ / 4+ star rating based on more than 14,000 player reviews and has been heralded as VR’s answer to games like Escape from Tarkov and DayZ. Players who begin their enlistment today will join a large and growing community, with the Ghosts of Tabor Discord alone engaging 80,000+ members – making it the largest server for an FPS shooter in VR. 

Ghosts of Tabor’s base game can be purchased starting today for $24.99 on Meta Quest and Steam VR. The following upgrades are also available on both the Meta Quest Store and Steam, providing additional currency, weapons, armor, and more to increase your odds of survival:

  • Care Package Edition ($7.99):

     a basic starter kit to get you going in the first sessions, including a pump shotgun, Tier 2 Armor, currency, and other consumables that make your first extraction a more likely success

  • Join or Die Edition ($12.99):

     an enhanced starter kit featuring M4 and AK-Alpha, frag grenades, Tier 3 Armor, currency, and more

  • Nuclear Night Edition ($17.99):

     the premium starter kit equipping players with an arsenal that includes the MP5, Uzi, Glock, PM, stun grenades, twice as much currency, and plenty of other goodies

  • Independence Edition ($34.99):

     Available for a limited time, the Independence Edition upgrade contains the full Nuclear Night Edition upgrade and all current and future DLCs for free, as well as a unique arm patch. ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL MARCH 9, 2024 AT 10AM PT.

  • Taran Tactical JW3 Weapon Pack ($4.99):

     four new firearms and one melee weapon  from our partners at Taran Tactical

  • UWU Weapon Pack ($4.99):

     Prepare to add some kawaii flair to your armory with four weapons and a helmet – each varying with vibrant colors!

First time buyers of Ghosts of Tabor can receive both the base game and Nuclear Night Edition for $37.99 by purchasing the Starter Pack Bundle, or the base game and Independence Edition for $49.99 in the Independence Pack Bundle.

Ghosts of Tabor is now available for $24.99 on the Meta Quest Store and in Early Access on Steam VR. To learn more, follow Ghosts of Tabor on TwitterYouTubeTikTok and Discord, or visit ghostsoftabor.com



Press kit for Ghosts of Tabor can be found here: 

Press Contact: Jim Squires, press@beyondframes.com

Beyond Frames Publishing: Maeva Sponbergs, Head of Publishing, hello@beyondframes.com


Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Beyond Frames is an XR-focused publisher with its development studios Cortopia, Moon Mode and partner studio Odd Raven. Offering creative and technical consulting, funding, marketing and publishing services, Beyond Frames partners with studios creating amazing XR products such as Ghosts of Tabor (Combat Waffle Studios), Outta Hand (Capricia Productions), ARK and ADE (Castello Inc.), Silhouette (Team Panoptes) and Mixture (Played With Fire), Beyond Frames Entertainment AB (publ) is listed on the Swedish Spotlight Stock Market, ISIN: SE0011614965.


Combat Waffle Studios founded in 2022 and is a United States military veteran-owned games studio debuting with the hit VR extraction shooter, Ghosts of Tabor. Headquartered in sunny Florida, the team brings their expertise from various corners of the world with a mission to craft virtual reality games players have been demanding. CWS has a growing portfolio of novel and in-depth VR experiences in development for both on Meta Quest platforms and SteamVR. Upcoming releases include titles Grim and Silent North. Read more about Combat Waffle Studios here: https://combatwaffle.com/

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