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“Wands Alliances” arrives on Steam october 5 with “Uprising” update for Meta Quest 2 and cross-play

Cross-platform compatibility for Steam and Meta Quest 2. Introducing new fast-paced game mode: Team Deathmatch numerous new features and fixes, including three new spells

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — September 28, 2022 — Today, Beyond Frames Entertainment announced its latest VR game Wands® Alliances is coming to Steam on October 5 with a brand new update: Uprising.The update, released at the same time for both Meta Quest 2 and Steam VR, featurescross-platform compatibility, and Wands Alliances: Uprising introduces  a brand-new, fast-paced game mode, “Team Deathmatch,” as well as numerous new features and fixes, including three new spells.

NEW MODE: There is unrest in London and battles have turned into daily skirmishes for survival - a fight for the world. This is the Watchers’ moment of Uprising. “Team Deathmatch,”  the new mode in Wands Alliances that can be played on all maps of the game. In this sped-up game mode, cheat death by respawning again and again, and play strategically by changing characters and spells during respawn. Claim victory by being the first team to get 25 kills or to have the most kills when time runs out.

NEW SPELLS: Three new spells are coming in the Uprising update, one for each class. The Revelator spell spawns an object that scans the nearby area for enemies, marking all within range.The Northwind spell inflicts minor damage, and disarms its victim.The Weeping Willow spell acts as both damage and anti-healing spell. 

MORE UPDATES: Other major changes include new challenges to unlock spells and titles; new cosmetic rewards for player avatars; and various quality of life updates.

DEVELOPER LIVESTREAM: With too many updates to pack into one release, learn more straight from the development team in a livestream today, Wednesday, September 28 at 12 noon PDT/3 PM EDT/9 PM CET at twitch.tv/beyondframesent

About Wands Alliances: The game takes the original high-paced magic and wand-wielding franchise to the next level with team-based 3v3 competitive gameplay, set in an alternate Victorian era London. The game encourages players to utilize the full room scale play area to duck and dodge opponent attacks. The game was developed by Beyond Frames’ Cortopia Studios. 

Wielders can read more on https://www.wandsalliances.com 

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