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Beyond Frames to publish Combat Waffle Studios’ VR military extraction shooter title ‘Ghosts of Tabor’

Combat Waffle Studios is a United States military veteran-owned studio debuting its first game with Ghosts of Tabor.

While this is their first game together as a studio, their development team is made up of seasoned developers from major studios like Epic Games. They’re also not new to the VR scene as their CEO, William Scott Albright also founded the popular VR esports organization, VR Esports League.

Ghosts of Tabor is, at the time of this writing, VR’s only extraction-based survival game. Inspired by games such as DAYZ, Escape From Tarkov, and ARMA, the objective is to scavenge for loot, complete scenarios, and survive.

Beyond Frames, as the distribution partner, will facilitate the launch,  where Ghosts of Tabor will launch publicly in Open Alpha on Steam Early Access and Meta’s App Labs in March.

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